North Sea and Baltic Sea

Offshore Air Rescue (HEMS) from our bases on the North Sea and Baltic Sea enables the offshore wind industry to guarantee its workers at sea immediate rescue and medical care in the event of an emergency

Short Approach Times Save Lives

Offshore NHC Windenergieanlage HoistenIn offshore emergencies, fast and qualified help is equally important. Offshore wind farms are located up to 150 kilometers from the mainland – in emergencies, every minute counts more than usual. To ensure short approach times to the wind farms in the North Sea, an offshore rescue helicopter from NHC Northern Helicopter is on standby around the clock at the airfield in Sankt Peter-Ording. In an emergency, it guarantees rapid assistance for the German Exclusive Economic Zone in the German Bight. In Norden-Norddeich, we operate an offshore ambulance helicopter. We use it to transport non-time-critical patients from the wind farms to hospitals on the mainland.
Our offshore rescue helicopter at Güttin airfield on the Island of Rugia is responsible 24/7 for the rescue and medical care of wind farm workers off the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Flying Intensive Care Unit

We fly the air rescue for the offshore wind industry with helicopters model type H155 from the manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. These machines are designed for flight over the open sea and are equipped with a rescue hoist. By hoist, our crew can rescue patients even where a landing is not possible, e.g. from the wind turbines or from ships.
NHC helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology for patient monitoring, such as ventilators, mobile ultrasound and monitoring, among others. Our medical equipment goes far beyond the required equipment standard DIN EN 13 7 18.
The medical crew consists of an experienced emergency paramedic and a highly qualified emergency physician. Both are trained in special rescue from heights and depths in offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines can now be more than 150 meters high, and as a result there are emergency situations in which the injured must be rescued from the narrow turbines. Our medical crew, trained in Special Rescue from Heights and Depths (SRHT), and the equipment specially kept for rescue from heights in offshore wind turbines, enable safe rescue from varying heights and depths. The emergency paramedics on board the helicopter are additionally trained in water rescue so that patients can also be rescued from the water at sea. From the scene of the incident, to handover, to rescue services or hospital personnel, patients can receive optimal care in our offshore rescue helicopters.

What Our Clients Say

„The high reliability of our grid connections assures the fact that our colleagues can intervene quickly at sea at any time, if something should happen. Behind this is a reliable rescue chain that gives us a strong feeling of security. The partnership with NHC has been a vital part of our offshore work in the Baltic Sea for many years. For this, we would like to express our sincere thanks.“

Dr. Henrich Quick

Director Offshore bei 50Hertz

„In an emergency at sea, every minute counts. With our HEMS service provider and partner NHC Northern Helicopter, with its experienced medical and flight crew as well as top-performing helicopters, we know that our colleagues in the offshore wind farms are in good hands."

Till Frohloff

Executive Director Nordsee One GmbH

„An efficient and reliable rescue chain is essential for our work in the offshore wind farms. With NHC Northern Helicopter, we have a service provider at our side that supports us in guaranteeing our high standards of safety for our employees at all times.“

Thijs Schless

Head of Regional Support Region Europe, Ørsted Germany GmbH

„As the second largest global operator of offshore wind farms, the safety of our employees is always our top priority. With NHC, we have a competent partner at our side. In order to leave nothing to chance, we regularly train together in various rescue scenarios at RWE Offshore Wind GmbH's offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. This ensures that we are optimally prepared in the case of emergency.“

Julia Nagel

HSE Manager Offshore Operations RWE Offshore Wind GmbH

BK 117-C1 for the FS Polarstern