Sea Pilot

on the German Coast

The helicopters from NHC ensure the fast and economic sea pilot transfer for the mandatory pilotage vessels at the outer approach coordinates of Elbe, Weser, Jade and Ems - at any time of day and night in (almost) any weather conditions

To the Workplace by Hoist

We use H145 D2 helicopters for the transfer of pilots. These helicopters are equipped with a hoist, which is used to hoist the pilots onto vessels and from vessels into the helicopter.
Our 24/7 Dispatch Center is also located in Mariensiel. This is where our missions are planned and coordinated. For this purpose, NHC Northern Helicopter can view the deployment plan of the approximately 300 pilots and thus ensure the helicopter deployments are just in time.

Data Sheet H145

What our clients say

“The Emden Seapilot Association would like to thank NHC for the excellent cooperation and good performance until now. Since the takeover by NHC, we have maintained a very good relationship with each other, which all colleagues here appreciate very much. The delays and thus also the complaints of some Ems colleagues are no longer present and all ships could be processed almost on time.
We hope to be able to continue working together on this path and wish you and the entire crew all the best for the future!”

Lutz Graefe

II. Chairman Seapilot Association Emden

“When it gets stormy, the helicopter becomes indispensable, but only with an experienced and highly professional crew, who are provided with the highest quality equipment as well as the most modern aircraft. With Northern Helicopter, that's exactly what we get for every single flight.”

Jan-Helge Janssen

Chairman, Seapilot Association Weser II/Jade

H145 with Rescue Hoist