for the East Frisian Islands

Every day we fly sick or injured residents and vacationers of the East Frisian Islands to hospitals on the mainland with our ambulance helicopter

Ambulance Transport by Helicopter

Ambulance Transport by Helicopter

The ambulance helicopter is equipped in accordance with DIN EN 13718 and is on standby for ambulance flights daily from 8:00 a.m. until sunset. The missions are alerted and dispatched via the Kooperative Regionalleistelle Ostfriesland in Wittmund. The German state of Lower Saxony has granted NHC Northern Helicopter a permit specifically for the ambulance helicopter service in accordance with the Lower Saxony Rescue Service Act.

In addition to a pilot, the crew consists of medical staff, including two emergency paramedics. The ambulance helicopter flies over 900 missions a year.

Ambulance Transport by Helicopter
BK 117-C1 for FS Polarstern