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NHC Northern Helicopter – Reliable partner for offshore air rescue, air ambulance operations, offshore emergency evacuation, research aviation, and sea pilot transfer

Executive Board for Northern Helicopter GmbH

Executive Board for Northern Helicopter GmbH
Armin Ortmann, Managing Director, Accountable Manager
Executive Board for Northern Helicopter GmbH
Christian Müller-Ramcke, Managing Director

Northern Helicopter GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DRF Luftrettung, Filderstadt (German Emergency Medical Services – Air Service). DRF Luftrettung has over 50 years of experience in air rescue. It uses its helicopters at 30 stations across Germany as wells as three stations in Austria for rapid emergency rescue and for urgent transports of intensive care patients between hospitals. Ten of the stations are operational around the clock. Similar to flying intensive care units, their red-and-white helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. In addition, DRF Luftrettung is involved in another station with day and night operations in Balzers/Liechtenstein in the AP³ Luftrettung network. Throughout Europe, DRF Luftrettung is the night flight expert among civilian operators with the most nighttime helicopter flight hours. Apart from helicopter rescue, DRF Luftrettung uses its own ambulance aircraft and experienced medical staff to bring patients back to Germany from abroad. Over the past four decades, DRF Luftrettung has performed more than 900,000 missions.